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stress test - test file could not be created

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  • stress test - test file could not be created

    I ran stress test and had 12 errors for 12 cycles of the hard drive test. For last error description it said - "test file could not be created". Could you give me possible causes of this error?

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    Maybe lack of disk space, or lack of permissions, or the drive is read only (like a CD). On some old file systems (like FAT16) it is possible to run out of entries in the file table and get errors like this.


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      The hardrive is a new seagate, and only 5% of it's available capacity is being used. Therefore does this leave lack of permissions as the possible cause, and is this possibly a motherboard problem or a software problem?


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        We had a product that we made for Intel some years ago called StressTest. It was based on cut down (and now slightly out of date) version of BurnInTest. Is this the software your are using? Or are you using BurnInTest? Which version? Which O/S are you using? What settings do you have set in the preferences window for the disk test?


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          It is Stress test that I am using, and I don't set preferences for the disk test.


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            StressTest is now fairly old and Intel should not be distributing it any more. It was released a long time before Vista was available and so probalby doesn't work with new operating systems (we can't say for sure as we never tested it with Vista).

            You might want to try our BurnInTest product, which does work with Vista.