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New PC - Access Violation

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  • New PC - Access Violation


    Have just built a new machine and i'm getting the following error from Burnintest (happens withing 2 minutes every time)

    access violation at 0x7c901010 tried to read from 0x1004abc4

    Core 2 Duo E6600
    Asus P5N32-E SLI
    Nvidia 8800GTS
    2x1024 pc7200
    150gb Raptor

    Temperatures are 40c or thereabouts

    The raptor is carved into 3 partitions (OS/apps/pagefile) and i'm testing the first 2.

    The arror does not occur when I test only one partition - doesnt matter which one (well it hasn't occurred yet and it's like clockwork when i test both)

    any ideas?

    edit: further tests reveal that the system is ok if i disable the network test

    (XP Pro sp2, Test v5.3)
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    update on this problem, should anyone wish to help

    It seems to be related to testing combinations that involve both partitions and the network test (in fact if these 3 tests are run it fails, mostly with the above references)

    occasionally got 0x01098f56 read from 0x10037274 with partition d or c individually + network
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      it seems this guy had the same problem -

      no solution though


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        Have you properly tested the memory?

        Download and boot from the Memtest floppy or CD and run it for a few passes.


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          As indicated in the post you refer to, this is a fairly common error (Google 0x7C901010 and you will see). This address refers to a failure in a function in the the Windows Operating System Dynamic Link Library, ntdll.dll. The most likely causes are:
          1) Spyware - run a spyware detection program;
          2) A probelm with DEP - try turning DEP off:
          Start-> Control Panel -> System, Select "Advanced" tab, Select "Settings" in the "Performance" section, select the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, change the setting to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services".
          3) Bad RAM - try a RAM test by itself.

          Ian (PassMark)