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Problems running BIT Pro V3.2 & V4 with Intel 865 Chipse

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  • David (PassMark)
    V3.2 of BurnInTest had a bug in the CD test, when used with some CD's. The symptoms of this bug don't exactly match your problem but it might still be worth a look however. See the last post in this discussion forum topic,

    Except for this bug above, there is no known problem with BurnInTest that might explain this behaviour. We also have a couple of 865 test machines but haven't seen this problem on them.

    What exactly do you mean when you say "don't always happen in the same instance of running BIT"? Does this mean you are running several instances of the BurnInTest software at the same time on the same machine? We don't recomend this.

    Some things to check or try are
    - that you are using the latest BIOS for your motherboard
    - you don't have a overheading problem
    - running just one test at a time to try and isolate the problem to one particular test.

    If you still have a problem can you,
    1/ Confirm the problem is still seen with V4 of the software
    2/ E-mail or post a log file showing the details of the error
    3/ Supply some additional details about the machines. e.g. Operating system, video card, hard drives installed, etc..


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  • Problems running BIT Pro V3.2 & V4 with Intel 865 Chipse


    When running the above versions of BIT with and Intel D865GLC motherboard i have experienced the following problems;

    During the first 20 minutes BIT seems to run fine but after that i have seen 1. CD read errors 2. the floppy drive is unable to create the log file for the unit under test. 3. data corruption with the com ports 4. data corruption with the LPT port.

    These errors don't always happen in the same instance of running BIT and seem random at times.

    This has only happened with the D865 motherboards as it has worked fine with other board types (D815, D845 included) and i have been using the same serial and parallel loopback plugs for all.

    Any information regarding this would be appreciated as this is the testing software (which we registered with you) that we use in the computer company i work for.