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BIT4.0 Build 1006 and Win2K Disk Test Failure

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  • Ian (Passmark Support)
    RE: Unable to get disk geometry

    This problem was resolved in Release 4.0 build 1008, 23/February/2003. A description can be found in the README.txt file that is displayed during the installation and can be found in the installation directory. We have updated the history on the website.

    - The disk drive Butterfly seeking test mode requires the disk device driver to support the control code for supplying DISK_GEOMETRY_EX information. Some disks do not support this control code and the older control code is now also attempted.
    If both fail, a new error message is displayed indicating that the Butterfly
    test is not supported by this disk drive. This replaces the error "Unable to get disk geometry". This 'INFORMATION' level error may be ignored by editing the BITClassification.txt file.

    Ian (PassMark support)

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  • Anonymous
    started a topic BIT4.0 Build 1006 and Win2K Disk Test Failure

    BIT4.0 Build 1006 and Win2K Disk Test Failure

    We have discovered that when running Build 1006 under Win2K, we receive occasional "unable to get disk geometry" errors. When running Build 1009, there are no disk errors. There were also no errors from either build when running WinXP.

    How can I confirm that this issue was resolved somewhere between Builds 1006 and 1009? On your website, I could find history information up to Build 1004 but no later. Could I possibly get a history of changes since 1004?