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USB20 test with Loop back plugs

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  • Ian (PassMark)
    1) Have you added any new/different USB devices (keyboard, mouse, hub, other...)?
    2) What revision of the USB 2.0 Loopback plug are they (1 or 2, rev2 will be marked on the label on the back of the plug)?
    3) Can you please plug in all of the USB 2.0 Loopback Plugs and check that they all show that they are using device driver version 6.1.1?
    4) Please confirm that each plug shows no problem when it is the only plug connected and is used for testing?


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  • DXJ
    started a topic USB20 test with Loop back plugs

    USB20 test with Loop back plugs

    I am running Bitpro 5.3 with 4x USB20 loop backs. The devices installed fine on Win 2003 OS. I used the latest drivers and the OS recognized them and confirmed the devices are ready.

    I test the 4 USB ports with the loop backs and Bitpro along with other Bitpro tests. The first couple days of testing the USB tests consistently passed. Then they started failing randomly. By random I mean I start the test and the USB fails immediately. The next time I start it it may pass. The errors I get are both "not enough resources to run test" (botpro the only app running) or an actual packet receive errors. I tried just running the USB tests but I get the same behavior. I have re-imaged the server and re-installed Bitpro, USB etc.. Same behavior. I also noticed that the OS had trouble recognizing the Loop backs recently. "Unknown USB device would show up for the second or third plug. The USB ports pass with the individual port test USB20 TEST.

    Any ideas?