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Two issues - config file location in V5

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  • Two issues - config file location in V5

    First issue is that I cannot locate the ZIP file download of the x64 version of Burn-In-Test 5. I found the x86 version in the FAQ, but not the x64 copy.

    Second issue is much more frustrating. Every time I run BIT on a machine, it insists on looking for the lastused.bitcfg in "My Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest", even though I have my custom configured lastused.bitcfg already made up in the existing directory. This is very frustrating, to say the least. BIT 4 did NOT have such an issue. It would always look in the current directory first, and only if it did not find one would it complain (or would make it's own default, I can't remember now).

    In my opinion, this is a severe regression that needs to be looked at and fixed. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to make it use my already existing config file. Sure, I can copy the lastused.bitcfg to that directory first, or I can create a batch file that forces BIT 5 to look in the current directory with the /p command, but that's just a waste of time for a "feature" that shouldn't exist.

    I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions, if maybe there's some option in BIT that I'm overlooking to make this work already, but I've looked pretty throughouly and am pretty sure that it's not there. Thanks.
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    There is no 64bit Zip file. So you you'll just need to use the 64bit version with the standard installer.

    The change to use the My Documents was a result of Vista no longer allowing writing to the program files folder. So configuration details can no longer be keep with the application itself. And yes many people have called Vista a regression compared to XP.

    But maybe the behaviour could stil be better if we checked in multiple locations. I'll see what is posible for the next release.


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      Thanks for the response. I was hoping not to have to install BIT on a machine every time I want to update it on my flash drive, but I suppose that's not a major issue.

      As for the Vista issue, I don't see that as a regression, but that's irrelevant to the situation. It would be nice - for those of us who use it in a production environment or for random testing - to have it search the current directory automatically first, and then search elsewhere if it doesn't exist there. Or maybe a configuration option inside BIT to choose the default path for the file. Leave it default as the "My Docs", but make it possible to change that behavior back to the BIT4 method.

      Hopefully, that will make it into the next update. Thanks again.


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        Further to David's post, there is now a zip build for the latest 64-bit BurnInTest Professional v5.3. It can be downloaded from here:

        There is an option, as you pointed out, "-p", to set the default directory to the bit.exe directory. We will change a future version of BurnInTest to look for the LastUsed.bitcfg file in the bit.exe directory if it fails to find it in the "My Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest" directory.



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          Appreciate it, Ian. Thanks for the info.