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HDD error while runing BurnIn 3.5 for 3hours.

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  • HDD error while runing BurnIn 3.5 for 3hours.

    Hello Sir,

    Our machine runs BurnIn 3.5 for 3 hours and we see an error in HDD test and audio test. The hdd log shows "INFORMATION: 2007-05-23 10:41:02, Disk, C: Test file could not be created. Check access privileges.". The audio log shows "SERIOUS : 2007-05-23 10:41:22, Sound, Could not open MIDI Sequencer or MIDI file".

    But in the beginning of test, the status is all passing. We can see this error after about 4000 cycles hdd testing. But we can not see the issus on BurnIn 3.0. Do some reason could explain this? Thanks.

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    BurnInTest V3 is very old. Do you mean V5.3 or V3.5?

    What O/S is this on?
    What other tests were running?
    Does this happen on more than 1 machine?
    What are the duty cycle settings?


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      Sorry, the version i used is BurnIn 5.3.
      OS: XP SP2
      Testing items: CPU, RAM, AUDIO, VIDEO, 2D, 3D and HDD.
      Rate: 100 %
      duty cycle: HDD and Audio are 100%, others are 50%.

      Once the error happened, its easy to happen when test again. But when restart the system, it would run another 3 hours to duplicate it.

      Any idea on this?


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        Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

        There was a problem corrected in Release 5.3 build 1014, 26/February/2008 that cound be related. Please check you have the latest build of BurnInTest, V5.3.1022.

        If you do have the latest and still have this problem, try reducing the test set to set if you can determine which test leads to this problem.