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error verifying data in ram ...?

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  • error verifying data in ram ...?

    what? what does that mean??

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    The ram is bad. The values read don't match the values written.


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      three out of three? wtf ...

      story goes like this:
      Bought a new pc.
      Started experiencing videoartefacts and freezes/crashes from the start whenever i stressed it a bit.
      BIT started giving similar errors after 80 cycles.
      Changed one 2gb apacer ram to two 2gb a-data ram.
      Now it's like this. Much better, but still faulty.
      Mobo is gigabyte's p35-s3g.
      Voltages should be fine (defaults), the persistence of faulty addresses (in this case) counts off electrical noise ...

      So ... bad bus, bad luck or just a cursed machine??


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        Yes, there is a small chance it is a bad bus or northbridge or bad socket on the motherboard (and even a smaller chance it is a bad CPU). But something is definitely bad. If you want a 2nd opinion try out memtest86.


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          ok, thanks memtest was fine, so this machine is going back to the retailer and, consequently, i'm going to a forced holiday ...

          another issue though. my friend has a computer with serious 3d video artefacts but BIT doesn't show any errors. so what's the deal with that? (i kind of remember we've tried reinstalling drivers and directx already)

          which in turn remembers me that in first i almost got my machine into a conf that let me play more than just one game before crashing (for a while). so would "dr. electronic" call it soft- and hardware combined issue with ram being the weak link (since after replacement games run ok)

          thanks again and bye
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            If the video card appears to be bad (in more than 1 application) try swapping it out. If it is bad in just one applications, then it might be software issue.


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              yeap ... turned out to be three broken rams in a row + a fishy bios

              the retailer first tested with memtest, which came clear so they resisted. but i pressed on and they couldn't ignore the logscreens and now it's all set alright

              thank you passmark
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