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    hi, im not sure exactly how to automate BIT where and how do i create this batch file? im using BIT v.5.3. how and where the i implement the command lines

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    Command line arguments can be used to specify certain BurnInTest options and can be particularly useful when automating BurnInTest.

    Using command line arguments
    There are a number of different way to specify command line arguments and this can depend on what you are trying to achieve. The most common options for specifying a command line argument are:

    1) You can create a shortcut to bit.exe and then specify the command line in the shortcut target.
    Example 1: Start BurnInTest from a shortcut and run tests automatically.
    Right click on the bit.exe file and select Create Shortcut.
    Right click on the new shortcut file and select Properties and specify a Target with the command line argument.
    "C:\BurnInTest\bit.exe" -r
    Now to run BurnInTest with these command line parameters, just double click the BurnInTest shortcut. You could also copy the shortcut to the Windows Startup folder to run BurnInTest automatically with the current default settings after Windows has booted.

    2) You can open a command window, Start-R, "Cmd". This will open a command window where you can type commands directly, such as shown below.
    Example 2: Start BurnInTest from a command window and run a pre-defined script of tests
    Select Windows Start-R, "Cmd"
    Once the Windows command window is open, type in the commands:
    cd C:\Program Files\BurnInTest
    bit.exe -s MyScript.bits

    3) You can write a batch file to execute BurnInTest with Command line arguments.
    Example 3: Start BurnInTest from a batch file with a pre-defined configuration file
    Create a file with an text editor (like Notepad) called Test.bat and include the lines in the file
    cd "\program files\BurnInTest"
    bit.exe –c “heavyload.bitcfg”

    Example 4: Start BurnInTest on a USB thumb drive from a batch file, run the tests automatically and use the bit.exe directory as the default directory (i.e.
    save log files to the USB thumb drive).

    In the BurnInTest directory on the thumbdrive, you create a file, bit_p.bat, then edit this file and add the line:
    bit.exe -r -p
    The available command line arguments are shown in the help file.