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garbage in BITlog file

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  • Tim (PassMark)
    BurnInTest prints the contents of the /etc/issue file to log what distribution of Linux is currently running, so a workaround would be to create an etc folder in the rootcopy folder of Slax, create an empty "issue" file and then recreate the Slax iso.

    For the next version of BurnIntest we'll look at cutting down how much of this file is added and filtering some of the control characters used for the colouring.

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  • wcnackers
    started a topic garbage in BITlog file

    garbage in BITlog file


    I am booting to the command line version of SLAX and then running the BurnInTest to test systems overnight prior to shipping to customers. I am logging a summary of the results which we keep for each machine. Everything is running pretty well except the log result contains garbage from the SLAX login screen. I have cleared the screen prior to running BurnInTest but I received the same result. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong and what I can do to get rid of this garbage?

    ============================================= ==================================
     Welcome to Slax 6.0.7 
    ============================================= ==================================
    The system is up and running now.
    Login as "root" with password "toor", both without quotes, lowercase.
    If you're new to Slax, visit for more info.
    After you login, try the following commands:
    mc ....... to start Midnight Commander (edit/copy/move/create/delete files)
    startx ... to run Xwindow system with KDE in VESA mode 1024x768 at 75Hz
    xconf .... to autoconfigure your graphics card for better performance
    Other commands you may find useful (for experts only!):
    activate ..... to insert (install) Slax module into the system on the fly
    deactivate ... to remove (uninstall) Slax module from the root filesystem
    mkfileswap ...n't 9R

    Any help would be appreciated