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CD/DVD error when burn in 5.3

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  • CD/DVD error when burn in 5.3

    our Notebook product, run in Bitpro burn in 5.3; will happen high fail rate at CD/DVD error; although, we changed the disc.; still have random fail rate;
    Could you help instruct which vendor CD or DVD being used during CD/DVD item test?

    Product at Intel Montevina platform; OS is Vista SP1 Ultimate;
    If you are available, can give us some instruction;
    Bitpro burn in 5.3 1006 to 1026, have the same issue always;
    more detail, our notebook, detail info, pls let me know;
    many thanks~

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    What error are you getting? The general descriptions for the errors are in the help file-> Support and Copyright and FAQ -> Common Error messages.

    I don't understand what you mean by:
    "Could you help instruct which vendor CD or DVD being used during CD/DVD item test?"
    The drive tested is selected by you in Preferences->CD/DVD.
    The media used is what's in the drive.
    To use the "PassMark Test CD/DVD" test mode you need to use PassMark test media, more information is available here:

    When you say you changed the disk, I assume you mean you changed the media to rule out scratched media.
    The next thing I would try is to change the Optical drive, as this may be faulty.



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      check your firmware as well


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        Dear All:

        we used ODD vendor is Sony-NEC, and FW also have been updated; but still have random fail rate; our test CD or DVD data is downloaded from Microsoft 55AA data; and our disc. is burned, not pressing ones;

        and as advised, we will decide to buy passmark burn CD & DVD;

        Another question, in you website, the disc data format, can be AVI, MPEG etc.; whether we burn in related above video format into disc for CD & DVD format, we tried to put loading with north bridge, passmark DVD, whether can shoulder the loading for north bridge or not; and what's effect for PC product, and loading at which percent?

        if you are available, plz give me some tips; many thanks~

        About last time, CD & DVD error as below:
        Results window: Cyclye: 114; Operations: 40.512Billion Errors: 228; Last error description: Error while reading file from CD/DVD;


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          Could you please explain what tests you are running. It sounds like you might be burning video files onto a CD/DVD then running both the Video playback and CD/DVD tests on the same files. You can't do this.

          The Video files for a video playback test would normally be on Hard disk.



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            Sorry for misunderstanding you;
            yes, Video file put into local HDD drive;
            my video is MPEG2 format; wedding screen;