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Graphic slow-down when using BIT 5.3Pro memory torture test

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  • Graphic slow-down when using BIT 5.3Pro memory torture test


    There is a graphical slow-down when I use the memory torture test under BIT 5.3Pro. Both [Memory (RAM) - Torture] and [Live Results] main window are visibly refreshed as expected, but the refresh action is slow. I can see the refresh alternating between these two windows in a top-down direction.

    There are no memory failures after the test. It's just that the information refresh itself is slow and the test takes longer than usual.

    This does not happen when I test video, CPU, or other settings, separately. The memory STANDARD test also runs fine, with no graphical slow-down.

    If I set the test configuration to test CPU, video, etc., IN ADDITION to the memory torture test, the entire test can sometimes take three times as long as my test time. For example, if I set the Auto-stop time under [Test configuration and duty cycles] to 10min, it may take up to 30min due to the graphical slow-down.

    I am using BIT on a Sun Fire X4400, single Xeon Quad-core 2.13GHz, and 128GB memory. It's running Windows Server 2003 SP2 64-bit.

    Is this a normal behavior of the program?
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    If you are getting the Torture test to use more RAM than is freely available, then you can get disk swapping. And as soon as you get disk swapping you get a massive slow down.