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Bad sector testing

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  • Bad sector testing

    Is there any way that the hard drive test can detect bad sectors any where on the hard drive? I turned on the bad sectors detection box on both 5.3 and 6.0 and it could not find the bad secotrs on a drive that i know has bad sectors. Thanks for you help.

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    BurnInTest doesn't report on bad sectors per se. It optionally reports increases in bad sectors over the period when the disk testing takes place.


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      Do you know of any way i check for bad secotrs in some kind of automated way?


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        We could custom develop something for you. Or you could purchase the SMART SDK and code something yourself.


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          I might be intrested in a custom program. Please email me more information about custom programs. Thanks for you help.


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            You can find information about custom development services here.

            And our contact details here.

            Normally you, the customer, would provide a written outline of the work required. we can then provide a ball park quotation for the work. If this figure was acceptable then we would go on and prepare a detailed written statement of work for your approval, before starting the work.