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low on memory when running 3d test

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  • low on memory when running 3d test

    i got the "low on memory, test cannot be completed" message when running burnin test:

    windows also displayed error "low virtual memory"
    my motherboard is atom processor+poulsbo ,512MB,XP SP2 on 4GB CF card.

    I noticed that when I uncheck 3d test, eventhought all the rest of tests are 100% load, no error message displayed again.

    Does passmark burn-in test runable at atom motherboard?

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    Yes, the Atom is supported.

    What settings did you have selected for the 2D test (as this can used a lot of video RAM if you let it). And on many systems main ram is shared with the video card.

    You could always run the tests in series rather than parallel if need be.


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      2d test is 100% load, total memory 55.75MB,tested memory 55.73MB.
      I didn't touch the test preferences,all are default settings.
      I need to run a stress test on the board, so i think run all tests available should be no problem.
      So, does it mean my board got some issues on CPU or memory when loading 3d?
      but i've tried run 3d test in full screen,there is no error.


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        With 60MB od video RAM, 512MB of main RAM and only 4GB of disk, you system is very constrained. It is very easy to run of of main RAM, video RAM and / or disk space.

        So I don't think there is any hardware fault. You might just need to break the testing into 2 test runs (there is a limit to how much a machine with such low specs can do at the same time).
        2D + RAM, then a 2nd test run with the rest of the tests.


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          ok, I'll try to spplit them..thanks