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Problems with burnin running on BartPE, DirectX problems

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  • Problems with burnin running on BartPE, DirectX problems


    So I have been using burnin for some time at work. Finally want to make a bootable cd so that i could run it on any system. I do not have much experience with BartPE. But I followed the White paper in making the enviroment. Had a few problems at first but it was my error.

    The main problem that I have came across that I can not solve is when i boot to the cd and run the burnin test I am getting 2d error: hardware only driect draw object creation not possible. Now i know that this means that the Driect Draw is not working. I was looking through all the plugins stated in the white paper. The Direct X is assicated with the XPE plugin. So I orginally figured that I did something wrong. I uninstalled everything. And did the entire thing over again with the same result. I double check my plugin folder. All the extracted files from the are present. I have been trying to find another directx plugin that would work but I haven't had any luck.

    Any help or advice would be great.

    Thank You

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    Currently we don't officially support the BurnInTest DirectX tests under BartPE, 2D and 3D. We did not get these working.

    If anyone is using these tests under BartPE, please post the plugins and setup information.

    Ian (PassMark)


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      Thank You for the fast response. If anyone has been able to get this to work it would be greatly appricated to know how it was done. I will continue testing different solutions if i come up with anything I will repost.

      Thank You


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        So I have made some progess, I was able to find a directx plugin. I then created a .inf file using the plugin. Copied into the Plugin directory. Then I did another build and booted to the CD. I then ran dxdiag.exe. It shows the directx files. I also used the DirectDraw test. Which tested just fine. But the 2d graphic test in burnin still fails. I will continue to work on this and give updates. If i can get this to work i will post the full procedures on how i managed it along with all the plugin information and links that i have found through this process.