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  • Not stressful enough?

    I ran the tests to try and achieve maximum heat, but my temps hardly budge.
    I'm running an Intel E7300 clocked at 3.8ghz.
    Idle at 34/25, under load reaches 40ish on both cores.
    Surely temps should go higher?
    Any comments?

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    The 7300's do run fairly cool. If you are just trying to get maximum CPU heat (as opposed to maximum system heat), then turn off all tests except the CPU test.

    You should also try out the BurnInTest V6 beta release. The CPU test now includes a ‘maximum’ CPU temperature test. We put a lot of effort into find the instruction mix that generated the most heat in V6 of the software. With previous releases we were just aiming for maximum load. But maximum load doesn't always equal maximum heat.