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BurnIn Test reports wrong total memory for ATI card

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  • BurnIn Test reports wrong total memory for ATI card

    I have an ATI all-in-wonder Radeon graphics card with 32 MB memory. When I run the 2d graphics test in BurnIn Test, it says total memory is 26.5 MB. I've run several system info utilities (i.e. ATI, Norton, Windows) and they all report a 32 MB graphics card. On Passmark's support page, it says that there are some bugs when using BurnIn Test for ATI cards. So, my question is this another bug or is the memory being shared with something else?

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    The total video memory value displayed is the total available for testing. Not the total on the card. So in my case I have a 128MB card but only a total of 122MB available for testing.

    The missing 6MB is accounted for by the fact that I am running my monitor at 1280x1024x32bit. Which works out to be about to be 5.2MB of RAM.

    So it is all normal.



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      AH, OK. Thanks!