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Can we change the ordering of tests fired in a particular configuration ?

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  • Can we change the ordering of tests fired in a particular configuration ?

    Can we change the ordering of tests fired in a particular configuration ?
    I am using version 5.3... Is there any way I can change the ordering of the test?

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    You could use the scripting features. See the included help file for details.


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      I saw scripting thing in help, but from there u can write scripts which run the tests one by one.

      Let me take a example and tell u wht i want.
      say i want to run CPU, SOUND,2D,3D and VIDEO test simultaneously. But what i mean by ordering is though these tests run simultaneously but the order in which they start (by UI) is CPU->SOUND->2D->3D->VIDEO.
      Now what I want is to run all these tests simulteously but the order of starting these tests is VIDEO->2D->3D->CPU->SOUND. is there any way to do it?

      is it possible to write own configuration file, if yes then how?


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        With a couple of exceptions (where we force a delay) the test are all launched at roughly the same time, or within milliseconds of each other. Some tests having more data to initialize however.

        But there really should be zero difference if you run sound then CPU or CPU then sound.


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          I am getting a error message for video playback test as - no operation reported, when I am running it with other tests.
          Though seprately running this test doesnot give any error (sometimes with other tests too).
          Can there be any problem with this videoplayback or is this the CPU load which can cause the issue?


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            You can't change the order the test start (other than as David mentioned by scripting a series of tests).

            With a reasonably large video file, the restarting of video playback (ie. at the end of each playback) can be extrodinarily slow if the CPU is under large load and/or a large amount of RAM is being used. If you have an integrated video card, then the 2D video memory test can use alot of RAM.

            We made some changes in, Release 5.3 build 1028, 11/September/2008, to improve the situation. If you have an earlier build of BurnInTest, I would recommend you download the latest from the links on the bottom of this page:

            You could also try our video file samples from here: