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Running BIT as ROOT USER in Linux

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  • Running BIT as ROOT USER in Linux


    I'm using BIT V2.0 build 1004 for Linux.

    When I run the program, it returns me the following errors:

    RAM: root(admin) access needed to run this test

    How can I prevent this error?

    Can I change the Shell Script to modify this? How?

    Thank you

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    Some of the tests in BurnInTest require root permissions to run, the memory test is one of these as it is required to lock a large amount of the available RAM. You will need to log in as root or run BurnInTest using the sudo command.


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      Thank you for the answer Tim.

      I have to test many PCs, so I have to automate the process (maximum possible).
      All the computers under test have the same password.

      That said, I do have other related questions...

      Question 1:
      Is it possible to run BIT (with root permissions) without typing a password?
      For example in the shell script, maybe there could be something like:

      exec su -c $bitexe -p:MYPASSWORD

      I know it's probably impossible, but I had to ask.

      Question 2:

      Is it possible to run bitexe as soon as it is executed (without having to press the "green play button")?

      Thank you in advance.
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        I don't believe you can pass a password to su or sudo with command line arguments, but i'm fairly certain you can setup sudo to not require a password.

        You can set BurnInTest to automatically start by using the -R command line parameter.


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          Thank you Tim.

          I will give it a try.

          Great support as always.