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    I have been using this BurninTest software for quite some time now and I am now switching from the linux version to the windows version. I hope to use bartpe with windows xp (I assume this is a good option) My question is, I would like the system to boot into the software, start the program and start the test automatically. Is this possible with any version of this software? If so can anyone direct me somewhere to find out how to do this?

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    You can do this with either:
    1) BartPE + BurnInTest for Windows
    2) Microsoft WinPE + BurnInTest for Windows
    3) Linux + BurnInTest for Linux.

    Whether you use the Windows version or the Linux version will probably depend on your final target Operating system.

    Assuming you are using the Windows version of BurnInTest (as you have indicated) then your options are:
    1) BartPE + BurnInTest for Windows, see:

    2) Microsoft WinPE + BurnInTest for Windows, see:

    Building a bootable disk and then autostarting BurnInTest is covered in both documents.

    In both case, not all tests are supported because of the cut down environment in BartPE and WinPE.