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Selecting Line In automatically, possible?

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  • Selecting Line In automatically, possible?


    I am using BurnInTest v6.0 to test PCs our company produces. Because they have no HDD installed I am using a BartPE on a USB-HDD. Everything works fine, I got the Audio test with Loopback cables working. There is just one issue:

    The test should run automatically, means: Pluging in the USB-Disk, booting the system, Burnintest starts and tests...

    When the System boots, it recognizes the Soundcard via the HWPnP plugin BUT, instead of the needed "Line-In", the "What you hear" Input is used by standard.

    Is there a tool, or a feature in BurnInTest, to change the Audio Source that is used by Windows (and so by BurnInTest)?

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    I got some workaround now. I use a Program called "AutoIt" it's Freeware and can generate scripts, that simulate keystrokes. It's not the best way to do but it works for now.


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      Thanks for the feedback. I was not aware of anything to achieve this.


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        The Problem is, this works only for this soundcard driver because the Volume control panel gets different for every other driver. A good function for a future release would be to select an audio source in the "Sound" tab in burnintest.

        And by the way: I got the following tests working perfectly under BartPE:

        USB with Loopback Plugs
        Sound with Loopback Plug

        You just need to have WinXPE as shell, have HWPnP installed, copy the drivers to XPEs directory and use "InfCacheBuild" after building the BartPE.


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          We will add this to our future candidate feature list.

          If you would like to send me the details of what you did for the sound and USB tests I will add it to our BartPE document:
          help [at] passmark [dot] com



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            I think I don't need to send this to you by email. Here is what is needed


            - Sherpyas XPE Pack[/font]
            - HWPnP[/font]
            - Drivers (Soundcard and USB Plugs)[/font]
            - Sherpyas InfCacheBuild.exe


            - Installing XPE as the default shell by deactivating the „nu2shell“ and „Startup Group“ plugins.

            - HWPnP must run during Bootup:
            Just add this line

            0x1,"Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\90 0","108","||xpeinit.exe -m ""HWPnP..."" HWPnP.exe /log +all -IDE -PCIIDE -@net /p"

            to the [Software.AddReg] section of the z_xpe-custom.inf.

            - Add the drivers oft he USB-Plugs and the Soundcard to XPE as described in its xpe.htm (Folders DRIVERS, INF, SYSTEM)

            PE Builder:

            - After Building the BartPE directory run „InfCacheBuilder.exe“
            - After that Build your ISO and thats it