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    Could you please suggest the optimum tape test preferences to write once to an entire 300Gb SDLT-II tape, without continuously rewinding and re-recording? Can I set individual file size = 314572800 kb and number of files = 1?

    Can PerformanceTest be used to do this test?

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    Wow a tape drive!
    No one has asked us about tape drive testing for years.

    The solution to avoid continuous stop start recording, rewinding and re-recording, is of course to use a hard drive and not a tape drive. Surely a 2 terabyte hard drive would be cheaper than 2 terabytes of tapes?

    PerformanceTest doesn't do any tape drive testing, so you'll need to use BurnInTest Pro for tape drive testing.

    Yes, reduce the number of files and increase the file size. I would be suprised if you could write a single 3GB file however. Even if you could the tape writing probalby won't be smooth. That is just the nature of tape drives.


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      Thanks - the last question was from me on the very same subject!

      Could the tape drive be accessed via a custom BurnInTest plugin?

      I guess the backup tools that come with the drive are probably the simplest option. (I don't have it connected to my machine to try out right now).


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        BurnInTest has a built in tape drive test. But if it doesn't do what you wanted, then you could certianly write your own test as a a plugin.