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Question about the slider bars regarding cpu tests

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  • Question about the slider bars regarding cpu tests

    I wanted to know how exactly the CPU tests flow. From the help page, they say this about the slider:

    Each test has a slide bar and an associated edit box. The slide bar allows the user to determine the “duty cycle” for each test. A low duty cycle means that a delay will be inserted during the execution of the test, reducing the load on the system and reducing the number of operations performed during any particular period of time. A high duty cycle corresponds to higher load.

    So is there a forumla to understand how cpu utilization will be affected when using this slider bar? Is is a 1 to 1 ratio, I.E. 100 duty cycle corresponds to 100% cpu utilization and 50 duty cycle corresponds to 50% cpu utilization? I am just a little confused as to what this slider bar actually affects.

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    With a “current” level system the BurnInTest CPU test is roughly calibrated such that 1% duty cycle is about 1% CPU load (on all CPUs, cores, hyperthreads), 50% duty cycle is roughly 50% CPU load, 100% CPU load is 100% CPU load. In all cases 100% is the maximum CPU speed (no ‘sleeping’ to lower load).