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  • usb 3.0

    BurnIn supports USB 2.0 with the loopback plugs and the USB test. When will BurnIn support USB 3.0 with bandwidth measurement?

    Mark Laser

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    As you are probably aware, Intel has delayed USB3.0 until 2011 so this somewhat takes the presure off us to provide a USB3 loopback solution.

    When we checked a few months ago the largest USB chipset manufacters like Cypress still haven't released chipsets. Making it near impossible to build a device for a reasonable price (at least for the moment).

    So we don't have date for the moment. I would hope we do better than Intel's 2011 release however.


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      true, release is not scheduled until 2011 but development is in work. availability of test tools during this development would be beneficial. an alternate would be use a usb 3.0 stirage device and run the storage test on it


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        an alternate would be use a usb 3.0 storage device and run the storage test on it
        Yes, you can use the hard drive test with any mass storage device. The error reporting won't be as good, and you might not be able to know if errors are due to bad flash RAM or the USB3 interface, and minor low level errors that provoke a retransmission will go unnoticed. But it is better than no test at all.

        I have seen some USB3 peripheral devices announced in press releases. But I haven't seen anything available for purchase (in a store) as yet.


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          Maybe this ?

          Not the best manufacture in the world but ??

          And MSI P55-GD85 has Usb 3.0


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            Hmmm did you read the article for the 1st link you posted. Here is a quote. "Also, a first peripheral device with the SuperSpeed interface from Sharkoon will soon be made available on the market".

            And the 2nd link was for a motherboard (USB Host), and not a USB 3.0 peripheral device.