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Burn In Test Error - Video Playback is Dropping Samples

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  • Haydo
    Indeed the system, by todays standards is slow but it used to cope OK...

    I found the cooling fan on the GPU to be malfunctioning, it may have damaged the chip but that doesn't explain the S540 giving the same grief.

    Could dodgey CODEC's being installed screw things up? Power DVD uses its own unlike Media Player so methinks not. It's been a while since the OS was installed so I'll blast & reload then see what happens.

    Oh Lord,
    won't you buy me an AMD 64,
    my friends have all got P4's,
    I must not be poor.

    Thanks for the response Ian, I appreciate it.

    Your software is pretty nifty but I wouldn't rely on it soley.

    Keep up the good work! }

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  • Ian (PassMark)
    Video dropping samples

    The video playback is skipping video frames as the system (CPU/Graphics card) is unable to keep up with the throughput requried for the video being played.


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  • Burn In Test Error - Video Playback is Dropping Samples

    Hi Y'all,

    I am in the midst of troubleshooting ye olde PIII 800 which has a GeForce4 MX440 64MB GPU.
    Burinin test gives me an error in video playback,
    "Video Playback is Dropping Samples".

    I've tried an old S540 32MB card too which gives the same error.
    It is impossible to watch DVD's with the jerking picture & sound.

    The old S540 GPU handles DVD playback no probs in AMD XP1800+ system though.

    Can anyone give me some more info regarding what can cause this "sample dropping" error to occour?