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Problem with 2D graphics test

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  • Problem with 2D graphics test

    (sorry for my poor english)
    Hey, my friend ask me to fix his computer. I ran some testing programs (BurnInTest too) and it showed problems with 2D and RAM. I fixed RAM problems by changing some settings in BIOS. Sadly i dont know what to do with graphics card. It show errors like this:
    Video Memory Corruption
    2D graphisc 32-bit Offset 0x1cb40, Expected 0x000000, Read 0x1cb40

    (all of them have 'offset' and 'read' same values). I have pleny to those errors.
    I switch graphics card with own PC and his card on my PC works ok, but mine on his don't, so it isn't problem with graphics card really.
    So maybe Mainboard isn's working properly? But how to check it?

    PS. When i was watching this 2D test i noticed that when errors occur, whole screen blinks (looks like refresh or something).
    PS2. I'm stupid I didn't read older topics before posting mine, and now i see similar problems were recently discussed. Sending request to close this thread. Sorry
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