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CPU maths occupies all of the cpus

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  • CPU maths occupies all of the cpus


    I used Burn-in-Test V5.3, running single CPU-Maths testing for 100% duty. When run this test on a Xeon 3440 cpu, all of the CPU will reach 100% duty.

    Running same test configuration on a Xeon 3430 CPU do not have this symptom, there is only 1 CPU reach 100% duty.

    I also checked the new version of Burn-in-test, I found this test item has been removed from V6.0. May I know the reason why this item is removed from V6.0?

    Thanks in advance.

    Please refer to following screen capture.

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    The "CPU-Maths" test in V5 has been replaced with the "CPU" test in V6.

    The V6 CPU test covers a much broader range of CPU instructions and so exercises more circuits in the CPU compared to V5.

    V5 is now fairly old. It was never tested on Win7 and may not correctly identify new CPUs (and other new hardware) that was released since the final V5 software.


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      Thanks for the replay.
      So I can interperete that running V5.3 on the newer CPU (for example, this case, Xeon 3440) is not reliable and can be ignored?

      Thanks in advance.


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        The CPU test was designed to use all CPUs and core that it can identify in the CPU. So 100% CPU utilization is normal if you have the duty cycle set to 100%.

        The problem is that V5 might not identify all Cores in newer CPUs. But if V5 did report a CPU error, then it is probalbly a real error and should not be ignored.