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BIT and BartPE

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  • David (PassMark)
    This issue was resolved with boppermann directly after it was found the wrong license key was being used.


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  • boppermann
    started a topic BIT and BartPE

    BIT and BartPE

    Has anyone every tried to use BIT 4.0 Pro with BartPE boot CD? I've been able to get BIT 4.0 working normally by setting my key.dat file, but when I build the CD, it asks me for the key information.

    I'm trying to get this to run outside of the installed OS.


    OK, that didn't make much sense.

    I build the BartPE CD. If I just let it auto-run on my own PC, and run the BurnInTest, it works fine. If I do the same thing on another PC, it says that although it detects a key.dat file, it does not contain a valid key. I've looked at the key.dat and the file hasn't changed outside of the fact the name is now in all uppercase. I am unable to even enter a valid key. I get this same error when I boot to the CD on any machine I've tried. I am using BurnInTest 4.0 Build 1024.