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BurnInTest Strange Behaviour - Video Memory Corruption

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  • BurnInTest Strange Behaviour - Video Memory Corruption


    When I test "2D Graphics" I get "video memory corruption" error message almost immediately (BurnInTest is set to test local memory only). If I test the card on another PC - no problems, no matter how long I let it run. I don't understand how can local graphics memory be OK on one PC and not on another. All of the components (btw, all brand name) are running at standard specifications (none overclocked).

    Thank you very much.

    My configuration is:
    - BurnInTest - latest version (4.0.102.
    - Motherboard: Gigabyte 8IK1100 rev 2.0 (i875p)
    - Graphics card: GeForce 256 (Guillemot Maxi Gamer Prophet 32MB SDRAM) AGP 4x
    - Intel P4 @3.2GHz
    - Infineon PC400 DDR

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    The video memory corruption is a real (but very minor) hardware fault that many video cards have. ATI investigated a similar issue for Acer around mid 2004. I don't know what the result was. NVIDIA also recently looked a this issue for some of their cards. The last I heard from their investigation was , "P4 cache coherency rules (and ordering rules) with regards to Write Combining" are most likely the problem.

    It is not a serious problem however. You will probably never notice a few of these corruptions in normal use.

    So seems to be it a combination of particular video cards and MB/CPU that cause the problem. Sorry but we don't know much more about the issue. The companies that have this problem were not really interested in making information about the problem public.

    Edit: See also this 2009 post about video memory corruption.