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V6.0 1020 "The 3D test was interrupted"

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  • V6.0 1020 "The 3D test was interrupted"


    With Burnin 6.0 1020, run a serious items, we occur"The 3D test was interrupted", but from 1020 change summary, it write:
    Changed the level of the 3D test "The 3D test was interrupted" event from warning to information, as this is not an error in many cases, such as user interruptions and when the graphics display settings are changed.
    So can i know is there any other reason the information still show Fail on 1020 our test? Thanks.

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    The level of the event was changed to information. In the current version of BurnInTest an information level event will still lead to the "FAIL" window being displayed, to make it more obvious that the test may need to be run again. We plan to review changing this in the next major version of BurnInTest.


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      Thanks, so do you have the major version release schedule, and current with 1020 we occur "The 3D test was interrupted", can we just consider it as actural Pass?


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        We don't have a release schedule for the next major version of BurnInTest. I can say that it won't be released in the next 4 months.

        Often, if you are running all the default tests and the 2D video memory test, and this event is reported and there are no other errors, eg. no 2D video memory errors, then it is not a serious issue.

        For the 3D test, the graphics card can change a display setting and the 3D test cannot continue with this display change. The question would be what is the display change and why does it change. This is not obvious in your case. If this is Windows 7, Windows can change the theme (such as Aero to Windows basic) which changes the display setting. This can occur automatically when the system is low on memory.

        If you would like me to investigate your specific case further, please take a level 2 trace file (Preferences->Logging) and send it to us (our email address is on this page):

        You could also try:
        (1) Removing the memory test and see if the problem still occurs.
        (2) Change the Aero theme to Windows basic before starting the tests.