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BurnInTest failed on ttyXR0 (serial port)

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  • BurnInTest failed on ttyXR0 (serial port)

    Dear Sir.
    I have BurnInTest serial port test issue. My DUT is atom based PC with 12 com ports(4 from SuperIO, 8 from EXAR PCIe IC). After the driver was installed, I check serial port names in system ( ls /dev), COM1~COM4 named ttyS0~ttyS4, the other 8 was named ttyXR0~ttyXR7). I try to run serial port loopback test in BurnInTest Linux version 2.0. But ttyXR0 is not selectable (GUI mode), I also try to use cmd mode(modified config file), but ttyXR0 still not work. Is there anything that I can do to make the test work??

    Linux OS: Ubuntu 9.10 i386
    This device works fine in Windows XP.

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    Currently BurnInTest is restricted to accessing serial ports available as ttyS, the next version of BurnInTest is under development so we'll be looking at making this editable so serial ports from add-on cards can be included in the test.