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    Hi Passmarkers,

    I would like to know whether these areas are covered while stress is performed for CPU portion:

    - FPU (Floating Point Unit)
    - Typical Instruction Set
    - ALU (Algorithm Logic Unit)
    - CPU Extensions
    - LLC (Last Level Cache)

    Kindly anyone do comment. Thanks.

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    The test coverage of the CPU portion of BurnInTest can be specified in "Configuration->Test Preferences->CPU Tab". Explanations of the CPU tests can be found in the Help file included with the software. Briefly the tests covered are:

    • General purpose instructions (x86)
    • Floating Point Unit (FPU) instructions (x87)
    • CPU extension instructions (x86 extensions).
      • The specific extension instructions may be selected: MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2 and SSE4a.

    • Prime number test
    • Maximum heat test


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      Thanks Richard.
      From the help document, I dont seem to find any stresses focused on ALU (arithmetic logic unit) and LLC (last level cache). Did I missed any?


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        The general purpose instructions cover the ALU. Tests in this group include string operations, integer addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, bitwise operations, etc...

        Cache is indirectly tested by the other tests and the memory test.


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          Time management

          If, I have CPU, Gfx and Mem chosen for BurnIn Stress, say to run for 5 mins, how would the sequence be? Will there be repetitions and hard stop at the end of 5mins? Can the 3 features be tested/stressed within 5 mins.
          (how long per features the test takes for 1 cycle?? CPU??, Mem??, Gfx??)



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            All tests are threaded and will run at the same time. If the test runs continuously depends on the duty cycle you set.
            If you want sequential testing you can write a script using the built in scripting language.

            Cycle duration will vary depending on the speed of the hardware and what tests you are running at the same time.