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Advanced Network 1gb/s speeds

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  • Advanced Network 1gb/s speeds

    I have two computers connected with a crossover cable. Both units are equipped with 1gb/s Ethernet cards, however I am only seeing an average of 58mb/s speeds. What are the best settings to get the maximum performance. Thanks.

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    To get higher throughput in the advanced network test:

    You should increase the Target NIC load:
    Target NIC load (%) – This is the required load placed on the network card during testing, the test will be throttled to maintain the necessary amount of data being sent through the network card. For example, a load of 15% for a 1000 megabit (1 gigabit) network card will be a transfer rate around 17 MB/s. Note: If this setting is high, the system may not be able to generate sufficient traffic to meet this load requirement.

    The test could become CPU bound on either end, if you have a slow CPU and you specify Validate data, so you could use a faster CPU (if that is an option) or not validate data (if that makes sense for your test application). The Endpoint system should ideally be a similar level system to the BurnInTest system.

    You should make sure that the intermediate network equipement is not overloaded (if you are using a shared network).

    If possible, the firewalls on the systems should be turned off for the duration of the test.