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PassMark ported to Windows Embedded ?

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  • PassMark ported to Windows Embedded ?

    PassMark Developer,

    I have a Touch-screen Panel PC system to test that is dual-boot with Ubuntu Linux (2.6.32-21) and Windows Embedded Standard.
    1. Will the released PassMark test run on the Ubuntu OS, or do you recommend a Beta version ?
    2. I noticed that there is NOT a specific PassMark version available for Windows Embedded Standard OS, so is it not supported, or will the standard PassMark 6.0 run OK on this Embedded OS ?

    Thanks, Bill Lusche

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    Any software written for XP should work on XPe, and anything for Windows 7 should work on W7E. Your only limitations are going to be if you left any components out of your build and the license agreement for Embedded, which has limitations as to what software you are allowed to run on it. I've only read the XPe license, not sure about W7E limitations.


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      While we don't officially support Windows Embedded we know of several customers that got BurnInTest to work once they included enough operating system modules.


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        Based on the kernel version it sounds like you're using Ubuntu 10.04, in which case you should be able to use the current beta for the next major release (more information available at, provided you have KDE or the KDE libraries installed.