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can we install evaluation burnintest on the bootable device?

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  • can we install evaluation burnintest on the bootable device?

    Before we make the decision to purchase the software, we'd like to know what exact tests are available under winpe+burnintest pro. So we built a bootable CD using WAIK (for windows vista and win server 2008 ), and installed the evaulated version of burnintest pro using "file->Install BurnInTest to a USB". The CD is bootable, but it can't launch "bit.exe -x". It says "error during startup. a problem has happened during your installation. Please uninstall the software and reinstall it...".

    We wonder if the evaluation version causes this problem. Do we have to install a licensed BurnInTest pro on a bootable device?

    Another thing is, WAIK is for windows vista or 2008, but my working computer is running windows xp. So when I ran "File->Install BurnInTest to a USB", the BurnInTest is already running under windows XP. But the winpe seems to be windows vista based. So I don't know if we have a windows version problem. Do I have to run this installation on a windows vista computer?

    Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Our BurnInTest on WinPE document describes which tests are available under WinPE:

    The evaluation version should work if the system time is correct. If it is correct and you get this problem, please send us an email and we can send you an 30-day evaluation license key for evaluating BurnInTest on WinPE. Our email address is shown here:

    You should be able to run the WAIK for Vista/2008 server from Windows XP Service Pack 2 with KB926044:


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      Thanks Ian!

      I think it may not the problem of the license as the system time is correct. I guess perhaps the msvfw32.dll (copied from my windows xp folder) I'm using is not in correct version. The WinPE on my bootable CD looks like is running under Windows Vista, it may need msvfw32.dll from windows vista, not XP. I don't have vista computer at hand and can't test it.

      We ultimately decide to use a test harddisk with full OS installed to run the full BurnInTest pro as we need tests for Audio and Video in our case.

      BTW, the diskpart.exe under windows XP doesn't support USB drive. People said only diskpart under Vista works.


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        Yes, you do need the msvfw32.dll library for the operating system you are building.