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2D graphic test is black and white.

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  • 2D graphic test is black and white.

    Hello together,

    I saw an error, while I'm testing the 2D graphic. Sometimes the graphic has color, sometimes not.

    As anyone of you saw this error too?

    Regards EKF

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    This is not something we have seen before. You might want to try a different video card and check you have the lastest device drivers.



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      2D in grey.

      I tried it with the same card with different installed systems. It is ever the same. On the first system(original) the color of 2D Test is grey, and it takes longer then the test on the second system.

      The second system is a Windows Backup of the first system. On this recovered version the 2D test is in different colors and takes less time as on the other system.

      Also I tried to use different of the same cpu cards(we produce them) and it is always the same result. Unfortunately, the graphic card couldn't be changed, because it is built in the chipset of the cpu card.

      Also we tried different drivers, but on one system it works.


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        I assume you are using the "All video memory" option in the 2D preferences?

        If yes, then the correct operation of the test also depends on having DirectX installed. Do you have the same version of DirectX on all systems. I guess you do, if you did a backup and restore.

        If the device driver and system software is identical on both machines, but the behavior is different, then you need to start looking at what might be different at the hardware level.



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          The solution.

          It seems that the windows backup has saved the drivers for the card, but not all drivers where loaded! Some function of the driver works, but not all. I installed them new directly from the system, and now it works. Thank you for all the support.