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Multiple PCMCIA device test problem

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  • Multiple PCMCIA device test problem

    Using BurninTest 6.0, 64-bit rev 1025
    Windows Vista 64-bit

    Test/exercise a system that includes (2) PCMCIA slots with PCMCIA memory devices inserted. With (2) PCMCIA devices under test the test throughput slows to a crawl (but no errors). If the test configuration is changed from (2) to (1) PCMCIA device then the test script progresses at normal speed.

    Another symptom with (2) PCMCIA cards is choppy audio-out. With a single PCMCIA card the audio-out functions properly.

    Next step is to test non-memory type devices (NIC, serial, etc) to see if the problem occurs there also.

    Question- any known issues with BurninTest 64-bit when testing multiple PCMCIA devices?

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    There is not alot of detail in your post to understand exactly what you are testing. There are no known issues when testing multiple PCMCIA devices.


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      Mulitple PCMCIA device test problem

      BurninTest 6.0, 64-bit rev 1030
      Windows Vista 32-bit
      Note: different system, similar problem.

      Devices under test:
      PCMCIA storage devices (x2) selected in BurninTest for test.
      NVIDIA 9600M GT graphics selected in BurninTest for 3D Graphics test.
      BurninTest Duty Cycles: 3D Graphics = 5; Storage = 50.

      System booted and at the Windows desktop. Insert the two PCMCIA cards and run a single pass BurninTest. No issues. 3D Graphics fsp reading bounces between 8-9 during test. Test time = ~4 minutes.

      Reboot system. Note that the PCMCIA cards are left in during the reboot process. Repeat the BurninTest single pass test. Testing progresses but extremely slow. 3D Graphics fsp reading starts strong (8-9) but quickly drops to 1-2 and stays there (some bounce to 4-5). Test time = ~12 minutes.

      Close BurninTest. Remove/reinsert PCMCIA cards (same devices; same slots; system remains on). Repeat the single pass BurninTest. No issues. 3D Graphics fsp reading bounces between 8-9 during test. Test time = ~4 minutes.

      The NVIDIA graphics card and PCMCIA drives share IRQ-16. The Vista device manager shows no IRQ or address conflicts.

      Could the BurninTest application be the problem or is it more likely a problem with Vista's IRQ sharing?


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        BurnInTest will just be treating these devices as mass storage devices (like an internal hard drive, or USB flash drive). There are no special actions taken or required for PCMCIA cards. And this is the way it should be, as the device needs to look like and behave like a hard drive to the operating system.

        To me it sounds like a device driver issue. That the cards aren't initialized correctly on a cold boot if they are already inserted.

        PCMCIA is also now a pretty much dead technology (20 years old in fact this year). And there performance was never great even when it did work.