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BurnInTest network test failed only at Win7 64

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  • BurnInTest network test failed only at Win7 64

    Dear Sir,
    My customer is using BurnInTest to do network test. With all default setting, which is only test that protocol loopack only, and network test set to 100%, we can see some timeout errors happend for Win7 64bit. But using the same hardware platform, we can get pass result under Win7 32bit. I checked CPU and Memory usage during the test, and there may be no resource issues. Have you ever met this kind of issue? I will post test log message tomorrow. Thanks.

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    PS: My team member tried the same tests condition at his desktop platform, and failed for Win7 64 bit but passed for Win7 32 bit.


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      "Timeout waiting for packet" occurs when BurnInTest sends an ICMP packet with verifiable payload (ping like) to the destination address specified in Preferences->Network and the echo response is not received within the timeout period specified in Preferences->Network.
      A Standard network duty cycle setting of 100% means that the system will attempt to send ICMP packets as fast as possible. A duty cycle of 1 to 99 will slow the sending of packets by inserting small delays. When the duty cycle setting is 100%, it is not uncommon for a system to lose packets (they can be discarded at the network layer).

      You could try increasing the timeout period specified in Preferences->Network.

      Also, we recommend using an external Network address in preferences as this will test the physcial network port, where-as the internal loopback won't.