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Need more info on error message "access violation...&qu

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  • Need more info on error message "access violation...&qu

    I am evaluating BurnIn, don't know if that makes a difference to the forum. But after running the program for several minutes I get the following error:
    Error "access violation at 0x00405D6D (tried to read from 0x64E5FC program terminated.

    Can anyone give me more information what might be going on?

    Thanks - Jake

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    Hi Jake,

    Not good to hear about the crash.
    Can you give a little more detail about your computer spec ? What version of Windows? What CPU, motherboard, RAM, HD, etc
    Also was it BurnInTest standard or professional and what version?
    Also what tests you were running when the crash occured? How long did BurnInTest run before going down and does this happen every time?
    It may be a faulty driver problem, or a genuine bug. We'll really need more info to say for sure though.

    Fergus Deffely,
    PassMark Software.
    Fergus Deffely,
    PassMark Software