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100% load LAN test failed

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  • 100% load LAN test failed

    I get a fail "Timeout waiting for packet" when setting LAN 100% loading, but I'm delusive why change the setting to 99%, result is passed.

    Test Software Enviroment:
    OS:Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit EN
    LAN Driver:Rel16.2OEMGenPV

    Test Hardware Enviroment:
    Platform: Intel Sandy Bridge platform
    CPU:Intel I7-2610UE
    LAN Chip: Intel 82574 LAN

    Can you help to reply questions as below? Thank you.
    1. Why it happen?
    2. If it occur, I can say "LAN function is OK"?
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    I assume you are using BurnInTest v6.0. In BurnInTest v6.0, a duty cycle of 1 to 99% introduces increasing load in a linear manner. 99% to 100% is not linear because 100% basically sends test packets as fast as the system can. This can be a large difference in load. At 100% some timeouts can occur.

    I would try testing with the setting, "Test all available Network Adapters" to "Yes" and specify 1 external "Network Address" IP address (e.g. a router/server on your test network) per network port connected to the test network.

    Please note that the duty cycle behavior was changed in BurnInTest v7.0.


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      I retry with BurnIn v7.0 Pro, it's passed. Thank you.