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BIT in in PE: Test only available NIC's

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  • BIT in in PE: Test only available NIC's

    Hi there,

    Got a PE image with BIT and a configuration file. I've configured the Standard Network Test with the option 'All available physical network ports'. I've setup a testing IP address for 10 NIC's.

    The configured test fails because it's going to test 10 NIC's while I'm testing a host which has only 4 NIC's.

    Is there a way to test only the physical NIC's but configure more? I'm asking because I'm testing hardware with sometimes 2 NICs and sometimes 10.


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    Currently there isn't an easy way to test a variable number of network ports, the number tested is based on the number of IP addresses entered. You can change the error level of the "No NIC detected" error in the BITErrorClassification.txt file.

    In this file find the 255 error;

    255,"No NIC detected. Check test type.",SERIOUS,

    and change the SERIOUS to NONE;

    255,"No NIC detected. Check test type.",NONE,

    However this will then trigger a "No operations" error as well, which isn't as simple to ignore as if there was a real issue with one of the other cards then this error would be missed.

    We've added this to our list of requested features for the next major version of BurnInTest.