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Incredibly Slow Speed in USB and Disk Performance

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  • Incredibly Slow Speed in USB and Disk Performance

    Hello Experts,

    I have observed an issue with running the Burn In Test v8.1 Pro 1009 on my Latitude E5470. I have selected 100% duty cycle on CPU, RAM, 3D, Disk C & D (partition), Network, USB and Optical Disk (using Dell USB RW Drive), and I ran the test for 12 hours each time.

    First 12 hour test, the USB loop back plug and Optical Disk were running at extremely slow pace. Notice that Disk C and D were recognized by PassMark as Disk E and Z, and the test cycle count were less than expected. So I tried restarting the machine and reinserting the USB loop back plug and USB RW drive. I also tried single test run on solely the USB and Optical Disk tests. Then, somehow get to collect the expected cycle count in 12 hours.

    This issue has happened so many times now I am curious. I don't think it is an indication of hardware failure. Because if I ran few more test in the same test condition, I get the result I wanted. It just did not always give me the result in first try. Does anyone know what is happening here? Anyone encountered the same issue?

    Did I not have the settings configured correctly? When disk C and D are not correctly recognized by PassMark, will this affect the test in overall and slow down the USB bus transmission rate?

    Looking forward for your insights. Thank you.

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    There is a current known issue where sometime sthe display names of the disk under test can be reported incorrectly, there will be a new release next week to correct this problem. In the meantime there is a debug build you can try out to check that the issue has been resolved in your case,

    In the instances we saw it was only a reporting issue and the correct drives were tested but in you case if the E: drive was somehow being tested twice then this could account for the slow USB access. If you are still seeing the slow down with the correct drive letters displayed it is more likely a cause of the system being under heavy load or an external process.