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BIT 6 - Audio Loopback False Failure?

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  • BIT 6 - Audio Loopback False Failure?

    I have a notebook, Windows 7, that keeps failing the audio loopback test when everything seems OK. Before it was escalated to me, my tech had the original tech replace the audio port because of the failure.

    I took a look at it, but can't seem to understand what's going on. When I run the test, at any volume level, the audio output has a constant red line. I've tested the port and it does indeed work, but PassMark is saying it does not.

    I tried the customer's HDD as well as a known working HDD. When I get the log, I'll post it. I'll also try another loopback cable soon.

    Any ideas on what's going on or any troubleshooting tips?

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    If your audio out port is producing a signal - i.e. you can hear the sound if you plug in speakers, then maybe it is the cable, a faulty line in or mute is on.