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  • Network test multiple ports

    I am testing a unit with 4 network ports. Each port is connected to router with each router (dhcp) setup on seperate subnet. The router ip's are as follows:
    On BIT 6 I could place those 4 ip addresses in the setup for network test and all would work fine, didn't matter which port was connected to which router all would ping the appropriate adddress for its port. On BIT 7 it seems I am required to connect specific port to specific router. Unfortunately I use a ghost image on the test computers and the ethernet ports do not allways get numbered the same way causing network failure. Is there a workaround for this? My inital fix was to just use 1 router and have all ports ping, but I would prefer not to do it this way.
    Summary: Why does BIT 7 require specific ip address but BIT 6 seems to just ping the ip address and system figures out what port it should go out?

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    There were significant changes made to the network test V7 to among other things support IP6, double the number of supported NICs and simplify the preferences interface.

    I believe changes were also made to how the binding of ports & addresses were done. There was a good reason for the change, but I don't have the details handy. I'll see if I can find more details.


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      I assume in BurnInTest 6 you entered 4 Network addresses and left the default setting of "Test all available Network Addresses" to "No". In this case the local routing table is used to route the test packets to the 4 destination addresses. In your case, as these were on different subnets they were routed to each Network address and all local NICs were tested.

      However, this is not the common usage scenario - where all destination addresses are on the same subnet. In this case, the local routing table would in many cases route all test packets via a single NIC. We found that in some scenarios, this test setup could result in false timeout errors being reported.

      In BurnInTest 7.0, we effectively removed the option to test to specific Network Addresses without binding to the specific local test NICs as (1) it improved the test in most common scenarios (not relying on the local routing table) and (2) removed the false timeout errors that we found were possible in this particular scenario.

      As a workaround you will need to test local NICs on the same subnet.