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Burnin Can't Find Fault

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  • Burnin Can't Find Fault


    I'm running the latest version with cpu, memory, drive and all 3 gpu test options at 50% for 48 hours it passes.

    I run boinc with cpu and gpu work loads the PC crashes within 5 minutes.

    I run passmark burnin again 48 hours it passes.

    I run boinc again it crashes in 2 minutes.

    This is a clean install of Windows 10 Pro 64 BIT with latest drivers and updates.

    I've tried CPU only @ 100% load and it's all fine in burnin for 12+ hours

    Do you know why Burnin might not be detecting the fault but boinc is?

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    It may not be a hardware fault but some code execution in the software or the software interacting with the drivers that is causing the system crash. It could be possible that the error is with BOINC software. We do not not use BOINC, but a quick look at their site and they have a report bugs section on their website that may provide more information for diagnosing the issue.


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      What is the nature of the crash? For example do you get a blue screen with crash details? Or was it a crash of just BOINC, and the operating system continues to run?