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Network connection error with BIT 7 x64

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  • Network connection error with BIT 7 x64

    We have a problem, the network will show "connection error" when we run full test.(usb*8, hdd*6, com*3, 2D, 3D, video, cpu, memory and "advanced" network*12) But we change tool to BIT 6 x64, it will not show "connection error" message.

    Our system : Ivybridge+QM77 windows 7 x64

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    Might be a timeout.
    Can you try doing the same network test with without all the other tests running at the same time.

    When you switch from V6 to V7, do you also switch the version of the endpoint application.

    Are you saying you have 12 network ports in this machine?


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      We only test advanced network without others test, it still show "connection error". When we switch V6 to V7, we also switch version of the endpoint. Yes, we have 12 network ports in this machine. When we use V6 version, we only can test 10 network ports. Even if we reduce to 10 network ports or less, it still show "connection error" in V7 version. It only show 6 times "connection error" when we start to run all test. But all network ports still work normally.


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        In version 7, could you please turn on activity trace level 2 (text) in the logging options (Configuration -> Test Preferences -> Logging -> Trace file detail level), start the test and run long enough so the errors are displayed and then send us a copy of the trace log that is created.


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          Dear Tim,
          We have passed log file to, please help us to check this issue, thanks.