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Network test with many NIC ports

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  • Network test with many NIC ports

    I have a system with a couple 4x1GbE LAN cards, sometimes three of them.

    What is the best way to test these cards with Burnintest cmd 3.0 on Linux?

    I understand the IP networks defined is limited to 6 networks, but can I somehow use TestAllNICs to bind to more NIC ports and get the same result for network testing?

    Or do I have to test only 6 NIC ports per test cycle?

    I tried setting 4 ports to one network 10.90.x.x/ and the other 4 ports to 10.100.x.x/ and specified two IPs for destinations in the config, but when I pulled different LAN cables sometimes there were errors and sometimes no errors and sometime errors started and never stopped after re-inserting the LAN cable.


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    The way the network test currently works you can only test 6 ports at a time, when using the "Test All" option the test IPs must be on a remote machine and this address is bound to the particular network card under test. To test more than 6 you would need to disable any ports previously tested (currently unplugging them would not be enough as BurnInTest still recognises them).

    If you aren't using the "Test All" option no binding occurs and the traffic flow is based on the operating system routing table (usually defaulting to the first network card).

    We'll be increasing the number of ports that can be tested for the next release, if you aren't restricted to testing on Linux the Windows version of BurnInTest will allow you to test 12 ports at once.


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      Unfortunately, my test systems do not have VGA connected so my only option is Linux command line on serial console. Guess I will have to wait for your next Linux update.