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How to run an infinite loop of test + generate log

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  • How to run an infinite loop of test + generate log

    I want BurnIn test to run for a very long time on my machine, but I want small, manageable log files. So I would like to run tests of about one hour or so on an infinite loop, generating a log file after each. Using SETDURATION I can tell BurnIn to run and create a log, but BurnIn test will exit after that. How do I tell it to start a new test instead of exiting?

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    There is a LOOP command you might be able to use, however you will still have to specify a maximum number of iterations (there is no looping indefinitely).

    There is a also a LINES setting for the log files which controls the approximate maximum number of lines saved per log when you are using the TIME (time stamped) option, each time the number of lines exceeds this limit a new time stamped log files will be created.