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Error writing to disk - Disk is full

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  • Error writing to disk - Disk is full

    D drive type is FAT32, 'Error writing to disk - Disk is full' occurs.

    D drive type is NTFS, the test will proceed normally.

    Why is that?

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    If you are geting disk full errors, then maybe the disk is full?
    (i.e. maybe some other process is writing to the disk taking up space at the same time as the test is running)


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      C Drive is NTFS & D Drive is FAT32.
      Only drive D with disk format FAT32 will be encountered.

      The free space on drive C is 400GB,
      The free space on drive D is 900GB.

      You said that there might be other processes taking up space while the test is running. For example, can you tell which process it is?


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        The disk test in BurnInTest fills up the drive, in order to test the entire surface of the drive. So it normal that at the end of a pass across the disk, that the disk is almost full. If while running some other process also creates a bunch or large files on the disk, then you can run out of disk space and get the warning. (and it is only a warning, not an indication of a hardware issue).

        But I just noticed that in your screen shot this error occurred after 48 seconds? This disk should not be full after 48 sec.
        So maybe there is some other issue. In the BurnInTest preferences window, how big did you specify each file to be? FAT32 has a lot of other limitations.
        Max file size is 4GB
        Max number of files per directory is 65,517
        So maybe you are crossing one of these other FAT limitations.