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BurnIn 7.1 Advanced network test - wifi support ?

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  • BurnIn 7.1 Advanced network test - wifi support ?

    Is it possible to test a WIFI card using the Advanced Network test (Passmark BurnIn 7.1)?
    I connected the computer running BurnIn test and a laptop with Endpoint to the WAP.
    These are the only 2 computers on this wireless network, and WAP is not connected to internet. The BurnIn does not detect the Endpoint on the laptop.

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    We no longer support V7 of BurnInTest. So you might like to try with V8.

    But yes, it should be possible to test the WiFi connection using the advanced network test. Check the obvious stuff to start with,
    - Did both machines connect to the WAP and get an IP address?
    - Is the signal strength good?
    - Is the wireless channel you are using congested (you can have good signal strength, but still have a bad quality connection).
    - Did you try disabling the firewalls on both machines, this is safe if you have no internet connection.


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      The advanced network test uses broadcast UDP messages to communicate, often these can be blocked by wireless access points so you may need to check for any available options on the access point to allow these messages or run the endpoint on a system with a wired connection.